Jewish Restaurants

King Falafel
The only certified kosher restaurant in Tokyo, operated by the Habad house (Binyomin) and selling, well, falafel.
Open every day, except Saturday, and some of the Sundays
Location: In minami-azabu, near shirokane-takanawa and the azabu-juuban stations. Google Map

The following restaurants are not kosher
However, as they are part of the Jewish life in Tokyo, they are listed here

David's Deli
The biggest and most well-known Israeli restaurant in Tokyo, offering wide range of Israeli / Jewish food. From Falafel to Israeli salad, Gefilte Fish and Regal Krusha.
Location: In Mita, near the shirokane-takanawa and sengakuji subway stations. Google Map

The oldest Israeli restaurant in Tokyo, eastern-style. with Falafel and Shaksuka, Shi-kabab and schnizel. Is considered the best.
Location: Near Ekoda station, On the Seibu-Ikebukuro line, Google Map

Israeli restaurant, selling Falafel-Hummus-Salad and Schnitzel too.
Location: Near Ebisu station,  Google Map

Pita the Great
A classic Falafel place. Bakes his own Pita bread, and make some special variants - such as without an egg. (These Pitas can be bought also in the international supermarket)
The owner is strictly vegetarian, so this restaurant is almost kosher. but not.
Website: Don't have one, and is not related, but see review on
Location: ATT Shinkan 2F, Akasaka 2-11-7, Minato-ku. Near exit 12 of the Tameike-sanno subway station. Google Map

Adama bread
Well, this is not a restaurant, but makes a very good bread, just in case that you can no longer eat the fluffy Japanese bread. Bread can be ordered using the foreign buyers' club, but also Costco carries them